Professor Jill Cook – Lower limb tendinopathy 6-7 mars 2019, Lillestrøm

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Professor Jill Cook, La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia

Lower limb tendinopathy

Oslo 6-7 mars 2019 Begge dager 0900-1630

The learning objectives of the course are to:

  • Be able to confidently distinguish tendon pain from other causes of patient pain
  • Know the role of imaging (ultrasound, MRI) in management of tendon pain
  • Assess the patient’s tendinopathy and devise a treatment program to  their goals
  • Be aware of the rationale for the 4-stage treatment approach that includes isometric strengthening, isotonic exercises, energy storage exercises and sport-specific rehabilitation

 Day 1

  • Understanding tendon pathology and pain
  • The role of imaging in diagnosis and management
  • Understanding tendon load, taking a tendinopathy history
  • Principles of examining a person with tendinopathy
  • Principles of managing tendinopathy

 Day 2

  • Assessment of lower limb tendinopathy practical
  • Isometric exercise practical
  • Management of lower limb tendinopathy practical
  • Managing an athlete in the competitive season

Sted: Romerike Helsebygg.


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  • Fra 15/1 19                  :     5 000,-

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